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The Ensemble Alletamento is a project of violinist Mario Braña and cellist Elsa Pidre which was born out of the union of a long musical experience together and their interest in Early Music.

After completing the Master’s Degree in the Interpretation of Early Music at the ESMAE in Porto with Amandine Beyer and Benjamin Chénier (Baroque Violin) and Marco Ceccato (Baroque Cello), in July 2016 they were Finalists at the V International Early Music Competition in Gijón (Asturias-Spain) where they were awarded the Special Audience Award, and the jury highlighted “their expressive strength and their quality to communicate in their way of performing” (La Nueva España, 16/07/2016). At that time, they decide to approach the study of the origins of the XVII and XVIII centuries repertoire for violin and cello with original instruments and from a studious historical perspective. In July 2017, they were awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the VI International Early Music Competition in Gijón, where the critics highlighted that “apart from an outstanding technical training, their performance evidenced a perfect affinity and the capacity to communicate feelings through a late baroque Italian repertoire selected for the occasion […] and the affinity was such that the duo seemed to be one instrument multiplying voices” (La Nueva España, 14/07/2017).

Taking this work as a starting point, they develop other projects which mainly cover the XVII and XVIII centuries, adapting the formation depending on the repertoire and by means of which they intend to recover the less known musical heritage of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Ensemble takes its name from the Alletamenti da Camera by Tessarini, one of the first works composed for violin and cello. The connection with the audience is one of the principles of the Ensemble and in this sense, they pursue the “alletamento”, i.e. what is “suggestive”, “attractive” or “pleasing” and thus, seduce and move the audience with their interpretations.

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“If something defines the project of this duo is rigour and virtuosity. Rigour in their way of approaching the repertoire and formulating the interpretation of works being loyal to the spirit with which they were conceived.[...] and virtuosity due to their capacity of bringing life to every passage, each movement of  sonata or each dance suite. […] It was a concert which confirmed what everyone knew: their quality and big projection within the Baroque music scene”

Eduardo Viñuela  |  La Nueva España, 26/01/2018        

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Ensemble Allettamento  |  Mario Braña y Elsa Pidre

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